About Us

     Nature’s Golden Honey is a product with history as rich as its distinct flavor. Behind each jar, bear, or skep of honey, stands our family’s four generations of beekeepers. For over 50 years our family has called Arkansas home for our honeybees. The native wildflowers that grow in the delta region of Arkansas allow Nature’s Golden to provide a robust depth of flavor uniquely our own. We believe in preserving the naturally occurring nutritional properties of honey as you will find reflected in our raw, unfiltered product. We want to extend our family’s love and passion for honeybees to your home and we hope that tasting our honey is only the first step. Our goal at Crooked Creek Bee Company is for the community to join our appreciation for the honeybees, to be regular consumers of raw, unfiltered honey, and to be educated on the century-old techniques of beekeeping.